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Mock Disaster - February 26, 2019

This is not a real incident

What is Mock Disaster?

The 'Mock Disaster' is an Emergency Management Exercise designed to create emergency scenarios in which the participants perform actions and make decisions as if they were performing in real life. This exercise involves over a dozen academic programs and support areas, with additional external professionals and organisations, culminating in approximately 350 participants. The Mock Disaster affects a community that has a hospital, police fire and ems services, social services network and various response and professional systems in place.

This year:

On February, 26th 2019, Centennial College will once again transform its Morningside Campus into a simulated hospital that, while set up to replicate the agencies of their programs’ professional services, will experience ‘a very bad day’. The Mock Disaster is a large scale, field level emergency exercise which provides the opportunity to practice skills, apply learning and observe the many actions and inter professional interactions that occur in response to disasters and other crises. This year, the scenario will involve an explosion and fire at a large apartment complex. The incident is suspicious and being investigated by law enforcement. There was also a daycare on the main floor of the building.